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Rotating Seat Dumper

NOCN Group have produced this Assured Course in association with L Lynch and Flannery Plant to promote familiarisation with and safe use of Rotating Seat Dumper vehicles.

The course aims to provide individuals with knowledge and understanding of the safe and correct use of Rotating Seat Dumpers, minimising risks and health and safety issues. This course will be of benefit to Operatives, Groundworkers, Safety Teams and Site Supervisors. The outline, structure and content of this course is assured by NOCN Group.

Course Content / Objectives

  • To familiarise and undertake the additional pre-use checks specific to Rotating Seat Dumpers.
  • To familiarise the operative with the additional cab controls and functions specific to a Rotating Seat Dumper.
  • To know the unique function of a Rotating Seat Dumper.
  • To know the advantages of using the Rotating Seat Dumper types.
  • To know how, when and in what position the seat should be facing for a range of operational activities with reversible-seating types, including when on inclines, confined areas etc.
  • To understand and follow safe practices when operating a Rotating Seat Dumper.
  • To know how tilt sensor systems work.

Course Structure

Development Partner: L Lynch and Flannery Plant

Course Length: ½ Day

Minimum Age: 17

Assessment: Practical and Theory Multiple Choice Test

Who is this course designed for?

Existing carded dumper operators who require familiarisation with Rotating Seat Dumper equipment.

Train the Trainer

There is no specific train the trainer course for this course, however trainers must have received previous specific training on the use of rotating seat dumpers.

Registration cost