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Greening the UK's Skills

A report by Graham Hasting-Evans, Chief Executive at NOCN Group outlining the challenge faced by the UK in meeting its climate change commitments.

The report outlines that the transition to Net Zero will only be possible with a skilled ‘green’ workforce to build, operate and maintain the necessary assets for energy, retrofit and carbon capture as well as related infrastructure in the logistics, utilities and transportation industries.

Whilst the UK has great engineering, science and technology skills to support the drive to Net Zero, it lacks enough people with those skills, particularly the operational workforce, mainly at Level 2, that can build, operate and maintain ‘green’ physical environmental assets.

This paper aims to help to clarify what ‘Green Skills’ are and sets out the range of adapted and new skills the UK’s economy will urgently need to build and operate over the next 5 to 10 years if we are to be successful in addressing the major challenges created by climate change.

Download the full report below.