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Workforce Of The Future

The Workforce of The Future Report, a special report by the Leaders Council, explores the challenges and opportunities in shaping the future workforce.

While predicting the future may seem challenging, the report emphasizes the importance of being prepared and agile in the face of unpredictable changes. Discussions with leaders from various sectors highlight common concerns in manufacturing, construction, and engineering industries, such as the retirement of skilled workers without passing on their knowledge and insufficient efforts to attract young talent. The connection between education and manual industries is also identified as an area needing improvement. The report suggests that prioritizing manual trades over white-collar jobs could be beneficial, as manual roles are less threatened by AI advancements. Engaging young people in these industries could be achieved by linking career opportunities to the cause of climate change, an issue that resonates with many. The report aims to provide a platform for critique and informed opinions to shape future policies and address present challenges, making it essential reading for policymakers.

 "Addressing the challenges of the future workforce requires agility and strategic preparation. By prioritizing manual trades, engaging young people, and linking career opportunities to the pressing issue of climate change, we can create a vibrant workforce that drives sustainable growth. The Workforce of The Future Report serves as a platform for informed opinions and critical analysis, empowering policymakers to shape effective strategies for a thriving economy."

- Graham Hasting-Evans, Chief Executive, NOCN Group