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Endorsed Programmes

Our Endorsed Programmes ensure that organisations demonstrate high quality and continuous improvement and that their courses benefit those who participate.

NOCN’s Endorsed Programmes help employers and their employees to become more productive and efficient by providing formal recognition of the quality of the delivery, content and management of an organisation’s training activities.

What are the benefits of NOCN’s Endorsed Programmes?

  • Can be designed to meet the specific needs of a region or a businesses’ CPD requirements
  • Can be quickly updated to meet changing business needs, meaning they are an excellent area for innovation and new developments
  • Ensure that organisations provide a valuable and worthwhile training experience
  • Enables organisations to elevate the status of their training programmes by referring to one of the UK’s leading awarding organisations

How much will it cost?

The NOCN Endorsed Centre Approval Fee, which is applicable for all new centres, is £500. This one-off fee must be paid upon application for centre approval.

You will be provided with the following:

  • An experienced subject matter expert to review your content against the NOCN Endorsed Programmes criteria and develop your course to endorsement quality standard.
  • No requirement for quality assurance of achievement or participation in your endorsed programmes.
  • The relevant NOCN Group branding to utilise on your endorsed programme materials and products for marketing purposes.
  • E-certificates with your logo which demonstrate new skills, knowledge and competencies. Paper certificate options are also available.

What is the Process?

To become an NOCN Endorsed Centre for Endorsed programmes, you will need to follow the process below:

  1. Complete the Endorsed Application Form
  2. Completed the Endorsed programme content sheet
  3. Send all the documentation, including the required documents, to:
  4. Pay the Endorsed Centre Recognition Fee