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Green Skills

NOCN Group is committed to providing the ‘Green Skills’ of the future, to support learners, centres, and employers with the transition to green economies and workforces.

Green economies manage natural assets sustainably, and growth is maximised across the whole economy. These economies will be supported and enabled by a thriving low-carbon and environmental goods and services sector. Environmental damage is minimised, while energy security, resource efficiency and resilience to climate change are maximised.

Transitioning to a green economy requires a workforce with green skills. This includes not only skills in the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector but also those needed to help all businesses use natural resources efficiently and sustainably.

NOCN Group is currently working with; The IAA, The Retrofit Academy, the Optimised Retrofit Training & Skills Group, City of London Corporation, amongst others, to build the future skills needed for a Carbon Zero economy.

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