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NOCN Group offers a variety of units which are ideal to support existing qualifications, courses and apprenticeships or as centre-built enrichment programmes.

Our Green Skills units are designed to be adaptable and modular to fit your current qualifications, courses, apprenticeships, and enrichment programs.

Our approach is focused on flexibility – giving you the freedom to choose from various topics, enabling your learners to upskill and meet the ever-evolving demands of sustainability and green skills. By aligning with NOCN's Green Skills units, your organisation is making a strategic commitment to excellence in sustainability.

These units are designed to offer a flexible yet comprehensive learning journey. This empowers individuals to select units tailored to their roles and aspirations, fostering a sense of ownership over their eco-conscious professional growth. Our green skills units cater to every sector and bring sustainability to the forefront, regardless of the field.

Select a subsector below to view the catalogue of units available, or contact for more information.

Unit Catalogue