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Health and Social Care

Whether you are an aspiring healthcare practitioner, care support worker, volunteer caregiver, or employer, seeking to empower your staff, our qualifications have been carefully created to develop and upskill those working in health and social care.

NOCN’s qualifications encompass specialties such as adult care, mental health support, elderly care, disability services, and addiction recovery, among others. Our qualifications are carefully crafted to instil not only theoretical understanding but also practical skills, cultural competence, and ethical principles. We recognise here at NOCN that the heart of healthcare lies in human connections, empathy, and genuine care for those you care for.

Health and social care is not just a profession; it is a calling fuelled by the desire to promote well-being, advocate for the vulnerable, and address the diverse needs of society.

At NOCN, we are committed to supporting your growth, nurturing your potential, and ensuring you make a meaningful impact in the lives of those in your care.