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NOCN Level 3 Award in Information, Advice or Guidance

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Qualification Overview

Total Qualification Time (TQT)
Minimum Age
Level 3
Registration Start Date
Current Tariff*

This qualification aims to provide learners with the skills and underpinning
knowledge required by employers in a broad range of contexts where information, advice or guidance is provided.

This qualification is appropriate for learners who have responsibility for information, advice or guidance as part of their core work and for those who may be involved in general signposting within the sector.

Within Further Education, this qualification may be offered to staff who are involved in supporting young people with careers and personal choices such as teachers, lecturers, classroom / teaching support staff and learning mentors.

It is also appropriate qualifications for those who may be giving advice in the Voluntary Sector, health workers and anyone in the advice giving sector who would benefit from a programme of study which reinforces good practice, provides underpinning  knowledge and give formal recognition for learning and skills developed through experience.

Qualification Details


  • Overview
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*Please note tariff prices are for UK only, please contact for pricing outside the UK