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NOCN Level 3 Award in Digital Productivity Skills -Word Processing

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Qualification Overview

Total Qualification Time (TQT)
Minimum Age
Level 3
Registration Start Date
Current Tariff

This suite of qualifications is vocationally based and as such, offers the opportunity for learners to demonstrate an achievement of practical skills, understanding and knowledge in the use of a range of IT applications to improve productivity.

The qualifications will develop learners’ knowledge and skills relating to particular IT applications as well as their ability to apply to own work to improve productivity.

These qualifications are for:
Anyone who as part of their role (whether employed or voluntary) is required to use a range of IT applications to achieve their work objectives. The qualifications are also relevant to those seeking to develop additional skills to help them gain employment in an office environment.
The qualifications have been developed in response to the growing requirement of many businesses to do more with fewer resources or to make more effective use of existing resources. In this context the qualifications will enable learners to develop the critical thinking skills required to evaluate their work and develop new solutions to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Expected duration:
It is expected that the majority of learners should achieve these qualifications within 12 months of starting their programme of learning. Depending on the method of study the duration may range from 3 months to 12 months.

Qualification Details




  • Overview
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