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NOCN Entry Level Extended Certificate in Preparing for Further Learning or Employment (Entry 3)

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Qualification Overview

Total Qualification Time (TQT)
Minimum Age
Entry 3
Registration Start Date
Current Tariff

The purpose of these qualifications is to enable learners to identify personal learning or employment goals, address areas for personal improvement and achieve employment-based skills, including work-related units.

These Entry 3 qualifications provide learners with a ‘spiky’ profile of units -the majority of the units have to be achieved at Entry 3; the rest of the optional unit credit can be at Entry 1 or 2.
There is one mandatory unit that enables learners to explore personal learning or job goals.
There is a wide range of optional units in Personal Development; IT; Literacy; Numeracy; Animal Care; Business and Administration; Catering; Charity and Voluntary Sector; Cleaning; Construction; Creative Skills; Customer Service/Contact Centres; Hair and Beauty; Horticulture; IT; Motor Vehicle Maintenance; Retail and Sport and Leisure.

Qualification Details

Qualification Structure

Min Credits : 24

Description: The learner must complete a total of 24 credits to achieve the qualification. 1 credit must be achieved from the Entry Level 3 unit in the Mandatory Group; 23 credits must be achieved from the Optional Group. A minimum of 12 credits from the Optional Group must be at Entry Level 3. The remaining 11 credits from the Optional Group can be at E1, E2 or E3.



  • Overview
  • Structure & Units
  • Downloads
  • Funding
  • Bulletins