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NOCN Level 5 Certificate for Certified Solar Photovoltaic Practitioner

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Qualification Overview

Total Qualification Time (TQT)
Minimum Age
Level 5
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Current Tariff

The NOCN Level 5 Certificate in Certified Solar Photovoltaic Practitioner qualification has been developed for achievement in a training environment.

This qualification is for experienced individuals who have completed a Level 5 degree qualification or are in their last year of study. It covers the requirements for developing the information, drawings and calculations for a solar photovoltaic installation.

This qualification enables you, the learner, to demonstrate and recognise your skills, knowledge and understanding of the area of study. You will be assessed a through testing and the production of a feasibility study based on a given proposed installation.. You will be assessed by an occupationally competent and qualified assessor whose job is to work with you and help you complete your qualification.

This qualification supports the learner to attain enabling, fundamental and transferable practical skills with associated underpinning knowledge.

The learner will learn key practical skills and knowledge in these mandatory units:
-Photovoltaic Systems Design and Development
-Producing Photovoltaic Technical Reports and Feasibility Studies

This qualification is specifically designed for those individuals who already have an understanding of mechanical or electrical engineering design and builds on this knowledge to provide the skills and knowledge specific to the solar photovoltaic sector.

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  • Overview
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