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NOCN Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (Health & Social Care)

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Qualification Overview

Total Qualification Time (TQT)
Minimum Age
Level 2
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NOCN Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace (Health and Social Care) is a qualification designed to provide individuals working in the health and social care sector with essential knowledge and skills related to health and safety practices. Its purpose is to:

• Ensure Workplace Safety: The primary goal of this qualification is to ensure the safety of both workers and the individuals receiving care. It equips individuals with the knowledge and understanding necessary to identify and mitigate health and safety risks in health and social care settings.

• Comply with Regulations: Healthcare and social care settings are subject to various health and safety regulations and guidelines to protect the well-being of both employees and clients. Completing this qualification helps individuals and organisations comply with some of these legal and regulatory requirements.

• Promote Quality Care: A safe working environment contributes to the overall quality of care provided. When employees are trained in health and safety, they can focus on delivering care with confidence, knowing that safety measures are in place.

Qualification Details

Qualification Structure

Min Credits : 1

Description: The learner must achieve 1 credit from the Mandatory Group


  • Overview
  • Structure & Units
  • Downloads
  • Funding