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Digital Productivity Skills

Our end-to-end Digital Productivity Skills qualifications are designed to provide individuals with key digital skills they need to improve productivity in the workplace using common software such as Microsoft Word or Excel.


Full online learning solution: We have developed a unique full online solution for these qualifications as the primary route for learning, which includes lessons, resources and practice tests through the Moodle online platform.

Classroom and blended learning: Available for college and training providers to design a classroom delivery or blended learning. Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are specified to support this route.

Nationwide test centres: The final qualifications are assessed by independent examination at test centres located nationwide.

Digital Skills Process




  • Learners benefit by receiving recognised qualifications and Microsoft Certification badges 
  • Employers gain digitally productive employees with MS Office and key digital skills 
  • Local economies grow their digital skilled workforce 
  • Improves skills levels and can generate social mobility for the workforce 
  • Enables SMEs to grow and increase competitive advantages 
  • Supports capital investment priorities in the local economy 
  • Supports learners into new employment


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