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Digital Skills Qualifications

The NOCN Digital Skills Qualifications at Level 1 and Level 2 offer learners the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in using the tools, applications and functionality of digital devices.

Entry Level Award in Digital Basics (Entry 2)

Ideal for learners with no experience of using digital technology. This qualification has a single unit designed to cover fundamental activities, including:

  • Turn on a device (including entering and updating any account information safely, such as a password)
  • Use the available controls on a device (such as a mouse and keyboard for a computer, or touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet)
  • Make use of accessibility tools (including assistive technology) to make devices easier to use (such as changing display settings to make content easier to read)
  • Interact with the home screen on a device
  • Connect to the internet (including Wi-Fi) safely and securely;
  • Open and access applications on a device
  • Use a device to communicate

This qualification replaces the NOCN Entry Level Award in Online Basics (E3).

Level 1 and Level 2 Digital Skills qualifications

The Digital Skills qualifications at L1/L2 will allow learners and centres to tailor the learning experience. Each qualification has optional units which can be combined to form a specific learning programme.

These qualifications replace the existing suite of IT User Skills qualifications at Level 1 & Level 2.


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