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ESOL International

ESOL International from NOCN has been designed to support learners emigrating or working in an English-speaking country or who simply wish to learn English as a new language.

English is the most common language with recognised status in 51 countries, and proficiency in the language enables learners to fully engage with their learning and allow for progression to further study. Additionally, the ability to understand and communicate in English ensures effective communication with individuals in both a professional and personal setting, enabling collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Our ESOL International qualifications offer an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for learners, helping to prepare them to engage with English language speaking countries. Having strong English skills can enhance employability, as many international learners seek work opportunities in the UK.

At NOCN we work in partnership with GlobalCert, an Awarding Organisation with a continuous and well-established presence in the field of certifications, operating in Greece. Their years of study and experience in the certification field has made GlobalCert one of the biggest and most reliable Awarding Organisations with international acceptance and recognition. NOCN ESOL International qualifications are also recognised by ASEP, the Greek Supreme Council of Personnel Selection.

At the highest level (CEF C2), it is suitable for learners who are preparing for entry to higher education or professional employment in the UK or elsewhere. The ESOL International qualification at C2 level is equivalent to a score of 8.5-9 for IELTS and UCAS Points are attached to C2 level from 12-36 points.

We work with ESOL International centres across the UK and overseas, with providers in Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond. The NOCN brand is recognised and highly respected all over the world as an authentic mark of quality.

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Why choose NOCN?

  • We offer Common European Framework Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
  • Our processes for developing and delivering examinations ensure quality and fairness for all learners. 
  • We continuously review and improve our exams to ensure that the content is relevant, reliable and accurate
  • Our qualifications are accepted by colleges, universities and employers around the world meaning that they are a great stepping stone into further learning or employment 
  • Our qualifications are competitively priced with no fixed terms

Qualification Specification