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Short Online Courses

NOCN Short Courses are online, bitesize courses that have been created in conjunction with industry experts to enable individual learners or businesses to enhance their knowledge and skills on their terms.

Whether you’re an individual looking to learn something new, or a business looking for staff training, we offer courses that will develop skills and knowledge for everyone. Keeping your skills up to date has never been more important. There are lots of ways to develop your skills long term, sometimes what you’re looking for is short, sharp interactive learning that you can do when it suits you, where it suits you.

Our short courses can be purchased individually. Purchases will be made via the NOCN Hub, once you’ve purchased, you can start learning straight away.


  • Self-directed e-learning with digital certificate upon completion
  • User-friendly platform
  • Study at your own pace, on your own terms
  • Fully interactive e-learning with activities, videos and short quizzes


Our Short Courses

Damp and Mould Awareness
This course caters to residents of homes, landlords, housing associations and leaseholders, providing essential insights into the impact of damp and mould issues. By the end, participants will recognise various types of damp, comprehend the causes and effects of condensation mould problems, and understand the personal implications of damp and mould problems.
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Asbestos Awareness 

This course aims to equip learners with fundamental knowledge regarding asbestos use in buildings. On completion, learners will be aware of asbestos nature, properties and health effects, understand various types and uses, and be able to identify potential occurrences. They will learn how to mitigate risks by obtaining information on asbestos, taking appropriate precautions, and following health and safety legislation. The course covers procedures for unintentional contact with asbestos-containing materials and emphasise understanding proper emergency arrangements.
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Embedding Sustainability in Education 

This course focuses on enhancing the understanding of sustainability and its integration into education for educators, teaching assistants, curriculum planners - anyone working in an education setting. It covers the principles of sustainability, environmental awareness, natural resources, and strategies for creating a sustainable culture.

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£25.00 BUY NOW