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Mental Health and Resilience

NOCN Group have produced this Assured Course in association with Vector Equilibrium to promote good mental health and wellbeing by equipping participants with practical strategies to build personal and team resilience.

The effects of stress, emotions and thoughts
Practical solutions to build personal resilience and manage overwhelm, stress and anxiety.

The course aims to provide individuals with an understanding of mental health and wellbeing including the relationship between pressure and performance. Delegates will explore what overwhelm, stress, and anxiety means to them and how this impacts their motivation and productivity. Throughout the workshop delegates are provided with practical knowledge and understanding of ways to build and sustain their resilience throughout the day and limit the effects of the body’s natural stress response.
The outline, structure and content of this course is assured by NOCN Group.

Course Structure

The 3-hour workshop will:

• Increase delegates awareness of mental health and factors that may affect it.

• Provide understanding about the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage attendees to challenge this.

• Enable delegates to explore and identify what overwhelm, stress and anxiety means to them and the causes both in and out of work.

• Enable delegates to explore the different stages of pressure from boredom to burnout and understand how different levels affect performance.

• Increase resilience to life’s challenges and stresses.

• Build resilience and capacity by refuelling energy across four interrelated dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

• Increase experiences of positive emotions, thoughts, behaviours.

• Increase & improve your clarity, focus, attention span, accuracy, creativity, learning, decision making and communication skills.

• Understand proven strategies for lowering reactivity in the face of emotional triggers.

• Learn a simple, real-time technique for reducing the frequency, intensity, and duration of emotional triggers.

• Leave with a toolkit of practices that serve to fuel and maintain resilience in the face of constant stressors.


The cost for this course is £25

Who is the course aimed at?

This course will benefit all employees regardless of seniority, however, due to the focus on stress and performance, supervisors, managers & directors would benefit so they are aware of their own tendency and that of their team to enter a phase where working harder actual decreases performance and increases the risk of mistakes.

Train The Trainer

All trainers wishing to offer this course must first attend the Train the Trainer Course run by Vector Equilibrium.

Contact: Dave Price

Telephone: 020 3793 5065 / 07860 518576