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Healthcare and the NHS

NOCN has a number of leading vocational skills products available for the Health and Social Care sectors, including the NHS and adult social care.

The skills products available includes funded qualifications, apprenticeships, end point assessments and study programmes for adults with learning or physical disabilities.

NOCN is a trusted partner for customers in the private and public health sectors, including the NHS. It works with HR Teams, Work Force Development Managers, Charities and Projects to both ensure that staff have the skills necessary to do the roles required and also to help patients and clients gain the skills they need to live more independent lives.

Products available in Health and Social Care

  • Accredited Qualifications for Health Care Assistants to deliver fundamental care in acute settings
  • Apprenticeships - Intermediate and Advanced
  • Pathways to Adulthood - a unique Study Programme designed to help adults with a range of LDD to live more independent lives.
  • Foundations for Learning and Life – a flexible range of Units that lead towards a larger qualification, designed for learners including patients who want to live independently, including: reading, writing and maths, parenting, looking after a home, and employability. (search 'Foundations' in the search function at the top of this page to view)

End Point Assessment

Working with large organisations, leading employers and apprentice training providers, NOCN is the leading Government approved End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for apprentices in England. It provides End Point Assessment (EPA) for the following Health and Social Care apprenticeship standards:


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