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Preparation for Life and Work

Whether in employment or looking to move into employment, NOCN have a range of qualifications to support learners in life and work, which include Employability skills, Digital skills, ESOL, English and maths qualifications.

These qualifications are vital for learners as they facilitate integration, improve employability prospects, enhance personal development and enable learners to function effectively in the workplace and society at large.

Employability skills and qualifications significantly enhance an individual’s employability. Employability skills can be applied to any area of work or life and are arguably more important now than ever before due to the rapidly changing job market. NOCN qualifications have been designed to provide different groups of learners with the skills, attributes, and behaviours that they need to enter and succeed in the world of work.

Our NOCN Functional Skills qualifications are designed to help learners of all ages develop essential maths, English and Digital skills in order to equip them with the practical skills and knowledge required to learn, work and live successfully.

NOCN offer ESOL qualifications for learners who want to develop their English language skills and offer an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for students to help them improve their lives and enhance their career prospects.

Progression Maps

Offering a clear progression route is key to upskilling, attracting, and retaining talent.

Our progression maps provides a clear and structured pathway outlining a continuous route for a learner’s development in skills and knowledge for their chosen profession.

Progression Map - Maths

Progression Map - English

Progression Map - ESOL 

Progression Map - ESOL International