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Digital certificates now available for all qualifications.

eCertificates are now available for all NOCN qualifications and can be accessed through the NOCN Group Hub 36 hours after a learner's results have been published. 

All Qualification certificates will be saved securely and can be verified through our certificate verification tool

Benefits of eCertificates

  • All certificates saved securely in one place
  • Quickly access PDF certificates files
  • Helps the environment and reduces carbon footprint
  • Files can be printed locally if required

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Will eCertificates replace traditional paper certificates?

Centres will continue to receive printed copies of certificates alongside an electronic PDF of the paper certificate. We are reviewing our use of paper and will be looking to offer centres the option to 'turn off' paper certificates for some qualifications in the future.

Q.How do I access an eCertificate?

eCertificates can be accessed through the NOCN Group Hub. For technical support please contact 

Q.When can an eCertificate be accessed?

Centres will be able to view and download PDF versions of certificates 36 hours after results are published. The centre can access and download the PDF multiple times so the file can be sent onto a learner if a replacement certificate is required at a later date. 

Q.Is there a charge for eCertificates?

All centres can access eCertificates free of charge through the NOCN Group Hub.