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Approach to Awarding in 2021-2

NOCN has worked closely with the Qualification Regulators to support the continuation of Centre training and assessment to allow learners to continue receiving results during the easing, but ongoing disruption to education.

Please note this guidance refers to all learners who are due to take their assessments from 1st September. For learners who took their assessments on or before 31st August 2021, please refer to NOCN's Approach to Awarding for 2020-1 guidance.


Ofqual's Updated VTQ Contingency Regulatory Framework for 2021-2 Arrangements

On the 6th August 2021, Ofqual and the Department for Education published the outcome of their joint consultation and confirmed their steer for the arrangements to the awarding of qualifications in the 2021-2 academic year. The outcome of the consultation can be read here. The outcome of the consultation means that:

  • From 1st September 2021, all qualifications categorised as Category B1 or B2 during the 2020-1 academic year will now move into Category A. This means that adaptations will continue to apply for all relevant qualifications and there will no longer be a provision of Calculated or Teacher Assessed Grades.
  • Category B provisions will still remain in place for learners who require an appeal to their grade in 2020-1 and for any learners who did not receive a result in 2020-1 through a Teacher Assessed Grade, but should have.
  • Adaptations to assessment will remain in place and will continue to be updated and refreshed to fit the context of 2021-2 as the academic year progresses.

Adaptations to Assessment in 2021-2

NOCN will continue to support adaptations to assessment and will keep these under review as the disruption to education continues and as centres adapt to new ways of working.

NOCN has worked across sectors to support centres in their progression of learners through the availability of adaptations. This includes general adaptations, such as allowing assessment to be delivered remotely or online, where this does not impede the assessment requirements of the qualification and making sector-specific adaptions.

To support the continuation of training and assessment, NOCN has produced a guidance document for centres to provide information and support on making general adaptations to assessment to progress their learners.

Please click here to download the NOCN Adaptation Guidance for Centres 2021-2 document.

Sector Specific Adaptations for 2021-2

Ending of Relaxation Rules Regarding Invigilation

In the 2020-1 academic year, NOCN relaxed its invigilation rule around requirements of invigilators. Up until 31st August 2021, centres were able to use Tutors/Assessors of the learner, or a Tutor/Assessor of the same subject, to invigilate a learner’s examination, either remotely or in-person. This was to remove what could be a barrier to a learner accessing an assessment and to support the use of covid ‘bubbles.

From the 1st September 2021, this relaxation will end as planned and therefore centres must now comply with the original requirements. This means that from 1st September 2021, the Tutor/Assessor of the learner, or a Tutor/Assessor of the same subject for Reformed Functional Skills Qualifications, can not act as an Invigilator. The use of an inappropriate Invigilator will breach the NOCN Examination and Invigilation Policy and Procedure.

NOCN will keep the relaxation of the ruling under review and may introduce it if it is deemed necessary, such as in cases of a change in Public Health guidance and restrictions.

2020-1 Arrangements

To view the arrangements in place for learners who were expected to receive their results before 31st August 2021, please click here.