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eCertificates and Printed Certificates

The ability for learners to buy a copy of an eCert is now live.


Any learner can register onto the Hub, complete verification and where a match to an NOCN course/qual is found, the learner will be able to view their eCert, download it or purchase for £10.

  • To purchase an eCert as a printed copy, learners can choose thesmall dots next to the certificate as shown below.

  • Choose ‘Purchase Physical Copy’.
  • The item will be added to the basket.
  • The user may then work through the payment and address entry fields.

  • Once the purchase is complete, CS will be notified via email to This will then follow the standard reprint process.
  • When this is actioned will depend on the time of the request e.g. if the request is made in the evening or a weekend (inc Bank Holiday), CS will action the following working day and the cert will be sent to print the day after that.

The ability for learners to purchase a printed copy of an eCert applies to all quals/programmes completed/claimed on or after 21st October 2021.

Any certificates issued prior to this date will not be present on the Hub and learners requesting a reprint will need to follow the current process using the prices below.

eCertificates- available on the Hub to view or download* Free
Copy of paper certificate requested via the NOCN Hub  £10           

*for any certificate issued since 1st October 2021

Non-hub created replacement certificates where issued since beginning of 2007:
OCN/course certificate £12
Qualification certificate £24


Non-hub ordered replacement certificates where issued prior to beginning of 2007:
OCN Unit/course & Qualification certificate £48    
Cskills unit/qualification certificate- letter of achievement is only available £10

This functionality applies to individuals/learners only. Centres requesting prints can do so (free of charge) by using the Opt-in function via QuartzWeb.