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Assessment Scheduling

We have recently launched an Assessment Scheduling and Exam Schedule function to make booking and tracking assessments straightforward and effective.

The Assessment Scheduling is available within QuartzWeb and is used to schedule an online exam for one or more of your registered learners. By scheduling the online exam, you will be selecting a delivery mode, date and time for the learner to be able to take the exam on the Assessment Platform.

The Exam Schedule (Assessment Summary) function is available within the Assessment Platform to nominated staff created as centre admin. This will give them the ability to see a summary of registered learners at your centre and perform the actions below:

  • View dates of scheduled exams and status of learners
  • Print paper exams
  • Input results against paper exams
  • View learner results
  • Reset learner passwords
  • Re-activate disabled user accounts

To create your Centre Admin Users on the Assessment Platform please follow the link below. 

Centre Admin User form

Assessment Scheduling How to Videos

Step 1

Step 2