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Rubric is a Microsoft Dynamics backed platform which houses all of our End Point Assessment data.

Over the last two years, NOCN has been working to evolve and develop it’s EPA management system, Rubric. This system has recently seen it’s a third significant development.

The NOCN Rubric portal allows training providers to access a live interface and the ability to manage the apprentice cohorts they have with NOCN.

What is Rubric?

In modern education circles, rubrics have recently come to refer to an assessment tool. The first usage of the term is from the mid-1990s. Rubrics are seen to act as metadata, added to assessment text to indicate what constitutes an outcome. Heidi Goodrich Andrade, a rubrics expert, defines a rubric as "a scoring tool that lists the criteria for a piece of work or 'what counts.' – A perfect name for an EPA System we thought.

How does Rubric work?

Rubric is a Microsoft Dynamics backed cloud platform which houses data within the UK and EU. It is a secure model which treats every access attempt as if it originates from an untrusted network. Known as zero-trust.

The Microsoft Power App, which houses all of our EPA data is a zero-trust access model, which helps mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and reduce the risk of data breaches.

The End Point Assessment management system (Rubric Mainframe) allows the apprentice/s data to be added to the system via the provide access portal and match with the ESFA database. All EPA gateway pre-requisites for the apprentice are uploaded via Rubric mitigating the need for lengthy email and evidence transfer.

Welcome to Rubric

Adding a Single Apprentice to Rubric

 How to add Apprentices in Multiples on Rubric.

Adding additional Cohorts.