vLearn is an innovative virtual learning environment that supports your organisation's unique needs and brings virtual on-demand learning to life.

vLearn has been created in partnership with Olive Group, a global Education Technology Organisation. The technical expertise that Olive Group bring, supports our commitment to create innovative solutions which support our customers in the digital post COVID world.

Key Features

HD Live Virtual Classroom including whiteboard, breakout rooms, media streaming, screen sharing and recording. These tools enhance the learning experience by encouraging greater collaboration and communication. Plus learners can access anytime, anywhere.

Learner Management System with self-paced multimedia content to support the delivery of all qualifications, courses and apprenticeships. Helping tutors to easily track learner progress and performance.

ePortfolio with no initial set-up fee. This custom-built, easy-to-use, feature-rich platform ignites learner engagement, enabling performance management and improvements to fuel organisation improvements.

Digital content to support the delivery qualifications and Apprenticeships. The highly engaging on-demand media includes a mix of 3D Motion Graphics, filming, interactive knowledge checks, assessments, gamification, templates, live scenarios all produced and curated by subjectmatter experts.

Tutor support materials including assessment papers, guidance and mark schemes hosted in one central area to support tutors in the delivery of qualifications and assessment with the confidence that they are accessing up to date documentation.

Bespoke branded App and mobile enabled content which can be fully integrated with Microsoft Teams meaning that learners and tutors can access on any device anytime, anywhere.

Access and reporting for all staff and learners. Tutors can easily track the journey of the learner in real time and learners get timely and accurate progress reports to help them keep on track with their learning.

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Why vLearn?

The new digital age is upon us and everything is changing. Advances in Education Technology has created opportunities for enhanced learning experiences available 24/7.

This Technology has enabled quicker connections, flexible routines, greater independence, remote working and an emerging variety of new jobs and closing skills gap.

Never has there been a time where the ability to adapt, to continually evolve, has been more necessary. We need training and education now more than ever and technology allows us to empower our learners to gain the skills for the jobs of the future.

Education is no longer bound to the classroom, we can leverage technology for good! Engaging digital learning will provide you with the tools you need to lead and motivate learners to succeed!