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Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service

This Apprenticeship provides the skills and knowledge required for employment in Customer Service and is designed to raise customer service standards and increase the supply of people with customer service skills

  • Programme ID: 30004906
  • Sector: Business Management
  • Framework: Customer Service

As one of the most popular Apprenticeships in the UK, Customer Service covers many sectors. Employers recognise the key role customer-facing staff play, in determining the quality of the customer experience and in increasing customer loyalty. In an increasingly service-led economy, customer demand for better and more individualised service is set to continue to increase.

Example job roles:

Customer Relationship Manager
Customer Support Officer
Customer Service Team Leader
Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Service Co-ordinator

Combined Competence and Knowledge Qualification:

  • NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service (601/4419/1)
  • Credit Value: 55
  • Guided Learning Hours: 289

Functional Skills:

Apprentices may need to provide evidence of their achievement of transferable skills in English and Mathematics in order to be awarded the Apprenticeship. If the apprentice does not already have suitable qualifications, the following Functional Skills qualifications can be taken:

  • NOCN Functional Skills qualification in English at Level 2 - (500/9469/5)
  • NOCN Functional Skills qualification in Mathematics at Level 2 - (501/1158/9)

Employee Rights and Responsibilities:

The ERR aspect of this framework can be achieved through completing the optional (L/506/1905) Employee Rights and Responsibilities unit included within the combined qualification as an additional unit or use the Instructus Skills workbook.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS):

This group of skills are completed as part of the competency or knowledge-based qualifications. The skills covered are:

  • Independent enquiry
  • Creative thinking
  • Reflective learning
  • Team working
  • Self-management
  • Effective participation

The Framework for the English apprenticeship can be found here.

The Framework for the English apprenticeship can be found here.