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Intermediate Apprenticeship in Steelfixing Occupations

The NOCN Intermediate Apprenticeship in Steelfixing Occupations provides a high quality vocational route to a successful career in Steelfixing for the civil engineering and construction industries.

Full title: The Intermediate Apprenticeship in Construction Civil Engineering – Steelfixing Occupations Major Projects
Programme ID: (30005013)
Sector: Construction - Civil Engineering.
Framework: Steelfixing

NOCN has developed this apprenticeship with major employers to fill skills gaps that could undermine national productivity, ensuring an adequate number of competent Steelfixers are available for essential major civil engineering projects. This high quality full framework from a respected Awarding Organisation includes technical and vocational qualifications, ERR, PLTS and functional skills.

Example job role:

Steel fixer - Following engineering drawings to position and secure steel reinforcing bars and steel mesh used in reinforced concrete on construction projects.

Framework components

Competence Qualification

  • NOCN Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Steelfixing Occupations (Construction) (601/0953/1)
  • Credit Value: 48
  • Guided Learning Hours: 160 

Knowledge Qualification

  • NOCN_Cskills Awards Level 2 Diploma in Steelfixing (Construction) (600/8789/4)
  • Credit Value: 60
  • Guided Learning Hours: 485

Functional Skills
Where apprentices don't have the required qualifications in Mathematics and English they may need to do functional skills qualifications:

  • NOCN Functional Skills qualification in English Level 1 (500/8499/9)
  • NOCN Functional Skills qualification in Mathematics Level 1 (500/8501/3)

Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)

The ERR for this apprenticeship should also be taken.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS):

Completed as part of the competency or knowledge-based qualifications, including:

  • Creative thinking
  • Independent enquiry
  • Reflective learning
  • Team working
  • Self management
  • Effective participation

The Framework for the English apprenticeship can be found here.

The Framework for the Welsh apprenticeship can be found here.