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Intermediate Apprenticeship in Warehousing and Storage

The Intermediate Warehousing and Storage Apprenticeship is aimed at those individuals looking to enter the sector as warehouse pickers/packers, loaders and with appropriate training, fork lift truck operators.

  • Programme ID: (30004916)
  • Sector: Retail and Logistics
  • Framework:Warehousing and Storage

The economy relies of the efficient movement of goods within the UK to ensure that goods arrive on time and in the right condition and the warehousing and storage business plays a crucial part in making this happen. If the wrong goods are packed and delivered, this affects customer satisfaction and the businesses' profitability.

Example job roles:

Warehouse Operative - Working as part of a team, you may be required to load/unload vehicles. You will also have delegated responsibility for the correct selection and packing of customer orders, ensuring they are ready for despatch on time.


Combined Competence and Knowledge Qualification:

  • NOCN Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage (600/7940/X)
  • Credit Value: 26
  • Guided Learning Hours: 99-145

Functional Skills:

To complete the apprenticeship apprentices may need to do functional skills if they don’t have the adequate qualifications, the qualifications that can be taken with this apprenticeship are:

  • NOCN Functional Skills qualification in English Level 1 (500/8499/9)
  • NOCN Functional Skills qualification in Mathematics Level 1 (500/8501/3)

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS):

This group of skills are completed as part of the competency or knowledge-based qualifications. The skills covered are:

  • Creative thinking
  • Independent enquiry
  • Reflective learning
  • Team working
  • Self management
  • Effective participation

The Framework for this apprenticeship can be found here.