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NOCN EPA Commis Chef

This NOCN EPA will assess the competency of a Commis Chef apprentice against the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviors specified in the Standard

  • Reference: Commis Chef
  • Level: 2

Duration: 12 Months • Funding Band: 9 Maximum Funding: £9000


A commis chef is the most common starting position in many kitchens and in principal the most junior culinary role. A Commis Chef prepares food and carries out basic cooking tasks under the supervision of a more senior chef. The primary objective of the Commis Chef is to learn and understand how to carry out the basic functions in every section of the kitchen. Therefore, having the opportunity to experience, consider and value each section with a view to choosing an area where they feel most inspired. The learning journey of any chef will vary considerably from one individual to the next; however, it is necessary to understand and have experience in the basics that this role provides in order to progress to any future senior chef role.

Entry requirements

Individual employers will set their own selection criteria. Nationally, Apprenticeships require as a minimum English and Maths understanding and functional application at Level 1, with evidence of an attempt at Level 2 prior to entering Gateway. Employers will set the entry specification suitable for the correct level of the individual. Candidates will be expected to have worked in an operational role within the hospitality industry.


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