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NOCN EPA Healthcare Science Assistant

This NOCN EPA will assess the competency of a Healthcare Science Assistant apprentice against the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviors specified in the Standard.

  • Reference: Healthcare Science Assistant
  • Level: 2

Duration: 18 - 24 months • Funding Band: 10 • Max Funding: £5,000


Healthcare Science Assistants (HCSA) contribute to safe patient care across all care-pathways from conception to end of life, in job roles within hospitals, general practice and other settings in the healthcare sector and across all areas of healthcare science. HCSAs perform a range of low risk, routine technical and scientific procedures usually within one broad area of HCS, following specific protocols and in accordance with health, safety, governance and ethical requirements. HCSAs work using standard operating procedures, initially under direct supervision but increasingly with experience, under indirect supervision.

HCSAs work within a multi-professional team (MPT) within the limits of their competence, seeking help and support whenever required. HCSAs must be aware of the requirements of Good Scientific Practice (GSP), which articulates the standards for the HCS profession and upon which this Apprenticeship Standard is based. Using these professional standards, the HCSA must adhere to employers’ policies and protocols to ensure safe and consistent practice within the working environments of HCS. Although not exhaustive, activities undertaken by the HCSA may include: basic life support; preparation of the environment for HCS procedures; production of reliable data, keeping accurate records; stock control of equipment and consumables; inputting and retrieving patient/test specific technical data within required governance processes; performing designated HCS role-specific skills following specified protocols.

Entry requirements

Individual employers set selection criteria for their apprentices.


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