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NOCN EPA Laboratory Scientist

This NOCN EPA will assess the competency of an Laboratory Scientist apprentice against the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviors specified in the Standard.

  • Reference: Laboratory Scientist
  • Level: 5

Duration: Up to 5 years • Funding Band: 15 • Max Funding: £27,000


A fully competent Laboratory Scientist will be able to work in a wide range of organisations, including but not exclusively, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, formulated products, nuclear and analytical services. A scientist can carry out a range of technical and scientific activities, including laboratory based investigations and scientific experimentation in their specialist field. They analyse, interpret and evaluate relevant scientific information, concepts and ideas and develop experiments or investigations to propose solutions to problems. They will be able to apply knowledge of underlying scientific principles to implement new processes according to the literature or input from senior team members.

They can work autonomously and part of a wider scientific team, taking responsibility for the quality of the work, to deliver scientific value to their organisation. They will be proactive in finding solutions to problems, identify areas of business improvement and propose innovative scientific ideas. Working safely and ethically is paramount and many companies operate under highly regulated conditions because of the need to control the quality and safety, for example medicines. Typical job roles may include Analytical Chemist, Research & Development Scientist, Molecular Biologist, Microbiologist, Formulation Scientist, Medicinal Chemist, Process Technologist, Biotechnologist

Entry requirements

Individual employers set selection criteria for their apprentices. Most candidates will have achieved grade C or above in English and maths GCSE prior to commencement. Most candidates will hold A-levels or existing relevant Level 3 qualifications or equivalent. Other relevant or prior experience may be considered as an alternative.


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