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NOCN EPA Insurance Professional

This NOCN EPA will assess the competency of an Insurance Professional apprentice against the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviors specified in the Standard.

  • Reference: NOCN EPA Insurance Professional
  • Level: 4

Duration: 24 Months • Funding Band: 12 • Maximum Funding: £9,000


The Insurance Professional Apprenticeship provides a development pathway that will allow apprentices to specialise in a particular area of the industry with supporting and appropriate, professional qualifications. The standard is, therefore, of broad application across the insurance sector. It supports the consolidation of technical, industry and business knowledge and the development of the skills needed to apply this to a range of complex and/or unfamiliar situations.

The following are different areas of insurance that an apprentice could be involved in, depending on the type of business they are working in and the needs of their employer.

  • Broking: providing technical support in administering the insurance arrangements of new or existing clients, negotiating and arranging cover to meet their needs
  • Client Management: managing the business relationship for a portfolio of clients, determining and evaluating their insurance requirements and identifying opportunities for revenue growth
  • Underwriting: working for an insurer assessing requests for insurance, deciding what cover to offer and what premium to charge
  • Claims: working for an insurer assessing, investigating and settling insurance claims or for an insurance broker providing support and advice to clients who need to make a claim
  • Operations: working in one of a number of business support areas, such as analysing and evaluating data or ensuring compliance with regulatory and business procedures
  • Loss Adjusting: providing specialist expertise in investigating and negotiating insurance claims on behalf of the insurer and making recommendations for settlement
  • Reinsurance: providing technical support for the arrangement of insurance for insurers, allowing them to spread their risk
  • Risk Management: providing guidance to clients on how to identify and manage risk within their business
  • Product and Pricing: supporting the development of products to meet identified client needs, together with the associated pricing strategy
  • Complaint Handling: assessing and investigating complaints from clients and negotiating their resolution to achieve a positive outcome for the customer


Entry requirements

Individual employers set selection criteria for their apprentices.


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