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NOCN EPA Investment Operations Administrator

This NOCN EPA will assess the competency of an Investment Operations Administrator apprentice against the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviors specified in the Standard.

  • Reference: NOCN EPA Investment Operations Administrator
  • Level: 2

Duration: 12 Months • Funding Band: 8 • Maximum Funding: £5,000


Investment Operations Support staff work within the operational and administrative areas of businesses in the Financial Services sector that engage in investment management, trading and reporting activities. The support structure underpinning these activities is substantial and varied, with a domestic and global client base of institutional and retail clients that include private individuals, small businesses, collective investment schemes, pension funds, charities, corporations and governments.  This role typically sits within the Operations areas of stock exchanges, stockbrokers, investment managers, banks, financial advice and wealth management firms, investment consulting and investment administration businesses. A fully competent employee at this level will be capable of performing routine, non-complex tasks in these businesses.

Entry requirements

Individual employers set selection criteria for their apprentices.


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