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NOCN EPA Senior Compliance/Risk Specialist

This NOCN EPA will assess the competency of a Senior Compliance/Risk Specialist apprentice against the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviors specified in the Standard.

  • Reference: NOCN EPA Senior Compliance/Risk Specialist
  • Level: 6

Duration: 36 Months • Funding Band: 30 • Maximum Funding: £27,000


Within the Risk/Compliance function of a specific organisation, the role of the Senior Compliance/Risk Specialist is to provide high-quality input and advice to the business in their specialist area(s) of expertise e.g. risk, financial crime, compliance, modelling/analysing data. This is likely to include dealing with complex problems, implementing new legal/regulatory requirements, working with senior managers in the organisation. The role requires sound ethical standards, significant technical expertise, together with the capability to influence senior members of the organisation as there can often be differing views on the appropriate action to take. Deep underpinning knowledge of risk and compliance frameworks, policies and procedures will be required. It may cover compliance or risk functions or be a blend of both depending on the organisation.

Entry requirements

Individual employers will set the selection criteria for their Apprenticeships.


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