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NOCN EPA Operational Delivery Officer

NOCN is appointed to provide End Point Assessment for the Operational Delivery Officer apprenticeship standard.

  • Reference: Operational Delivery Officer EPA
  • Level: 3

Duration: 12-18 Months • Funding Band: 4 • Max Funding: £3000


Operational Delivery Officers have a vital job keeping the country running. They make sure citizens get the services and protection they need, help people understand what is available and what they need to do to comply with the rules. They make a difference every day to the lives of millions of people. They do hundreds of jobs in most departments and agencies in central government. They also work in local government, delivering services for towns, cities, boroughs or counties. This apprenticeship gives apprentices great development opportunities to equip them to be an internationally-recognised professional in the Civil Service that really makes things happen for customers and businesses. A career in operational delivery is varied and involves working on the front line in different public-facing environments.

Entry requirements

Individual employers will set their selection criteria. Nationally apprenticeships require as a minimum English and Maths understanding and functional application at Level 2, enabling apprentices to aspire to the next level. Employers will set the entry specification suitable for the correct level of the individual. Age 16 years and over.


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