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NOCN EPA Science Manufacturing Technician

This NOCN EPA will assess the competency of an Science Manufacturing Technician apprentice against the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviors specified in the Standard.

  • Reference: Science Manufacturing Technician
  • Level: 3

Duration: 18-30 Months • Funding Band: 15 • Maximum Funding: £27,000


Science manufacturing technicians work in a wide range of companies, including, but not exclusively, chemical, primary and secondary pharmaceutical, biotechnology, formulated products and nuclear manufacturing. A science manufacturing technician will operate the systems and equipment, involved in the production of products. They may work in varied conditions including wearing specialist safety equipment, shift work and on sites running 365 day operations. Many companies operate under highly regulated conditions and a premium is placed on appropriate attitudes and behaviours to ensure employees comply with organisational safety and regulatory requirements.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. Apprentices without Level 2 English and maths need to achieve this level prior to completion of their apprenticeship. Apprentices must complete an RSciTech or Eng Tech recognised Level 3 or 4 qualification in a science or technology discipline relevant to their occupation, prior to completing the End Point Assessment.


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