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Employability and Life Skills

Employability, Life Skills and Functional Skills

Employability Skills from NOCN 

NOCN is an organisation dedicated to creating opportunities through learning. It works internationally and is one of the largest awarding organisations in the UK, providing a wide range of accredited qualifications, apprenticeships and end point assessments.

A number of accredited qualifications and units are available to support people entering into employment in order to help them become more employable and productive. The valuable transferable skills which can be gained mean that these qualifications are applicable for people entering all industries and sectors.

Features and content:

Employability skills
English and general language skills
ICT for users
Communications and media
Financial literacy
Apprenticeship frameworks components
Business management
Step-UP and progression skills
Functional Skills/Skills for Life
Training and coaching skills
Supporting people with learning disabilities
Occupational Health & Safety
Personal development
Trade Unions

NOCN works with a range of organisations to ensure its employability qualificiations are of the highest quality to meet the needs of people at the early stages of their careers or at key transition points in later life. These organisations include: Trade Unions, the WEA, L&WI, Sector Skills Councils and Standard Setting Bodies.

See our Employability leaflet in the download below for more information. 

ESOL Skills for Life

The NOCN Suite of ESOL Skills for Life qualifications are designed to provide UK learners, colleges and learning providers with the knowledge and skills required to improve lives and enhance career prospects. The qualifications are used to effectively improve communication, reading, writing and speaking and listening in everyday life, study or the world of work.