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Apprentice End Point Assessment (EPA)

Leading EPAO (End Point Assessment Organisation) in England for reformed apprenticeships (Trailblazers) with the most Government approvals to deliver apprentice End Point Assessments (EPA) in a range of key sectors.

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NOCN is a leading independent End Point Assessment Organisation. Working with training providers and employers NOCN ensures that all apprentices have the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the new employer-led apprenticeship standards.

COVID-19 Guidance

NOCN will work with you to ensure that the majority of End Point Assessments will see little effect of COVID-19. Where possible we will carry out assessments remotely. Please find guidance for remote assessments below:

NOCN End Point Assessment Contingency guidance

NOCN remote assessments guide

NOCN Webex App guidance for apprentices

Training Provider guidance for remote assessments

Why choose NOCN?

  • Approved for over 50 standards in sectors from construction, health and science, business management, financial services, education and retail
  • Dedicated assessment professionals, ready to work with providers and employers from day one
  • Fully compliant with EQAOs - With Substantial Assurance from sector Regulators
  • Robust processes and rapid turnaround of results
  • Flexible and cost effective approach to EPA fees
  • Friendly, flexible and responsive service
  • A registered charity with a focus on social mobility and commercial impact, not profit

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