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Functional Skills Bulletin

NOCN Online Functional Skills platform has been revamped and updated. The platform is being re-launched and will be available from 3 December 2018 to centres.

Centres will be able to register learners for online assessments for Level 1 and Level 2 English and mathematics. Registration of learners for online assessments are carried out in the same was as registering for a paper based assessment. This includes submitting registrations no fewer than five working days prior to the scheduled assessment date.
NOCN’s online platform, EdExams, is powered by EdLounge.

What is the platform?

The platform is a secure area where NOCN assessments can be carried out online. The platform can be downloaded remotely to NOCN approved centres via an ‘app’. NOCN’s online platform, EdExams, will provide an ‘app’ that once downloaded onto a computer enables the assessment to be undertaken adhering to examination conditions.

NOCN online platform offers centres:

  • Secure and reliable Application based system.
  • Web based secure application.
  • Desktop/laptop compatible.
  • Effortless centre creation and candidate upload.
  • The system can be accessed anywhere.
  • On demand/offline exams.

The online assessment offers learners:

  • Accessible application.
  • User friendly.
  • Accommodate learner’s unique needs.
  • Visual engaging platform.
  • Graph Creator.
  • Calculator.
  • Abstract pop up boxes, no need to switch between screens.

For further information regarding Online Functional Skills please contact:

Elizabeth Pawlowski (Senior Assessment Executive – Skills For Life) at or 0300 999 1177.