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Job Cards - CPCS

Visit the new NOCN Job Cards website for details of CPCS.

CITB has agreed to sell its Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) to NOCN Group, one of the sector’s largest Awarding Organisations (AO). The purchase will include the retention of all CPCS-related CITB jobs in Norfolk, and mobile roles.

The move comes as part of CITB’s Vision 2020 programme of reform to better meet the demands of British construction. CITB will take on a more strategic and influential role focusing on securing the right training mix, high standards and quality assurance, building employer confidence in the market.

The CPCS provides skills cards to individual workers involved in the plant sector of the construction and allied industries. Each card provides identification and recognises the competence and qualifications of the individual holder. The scheme maintains health, safety and environmental standards through a programme of testing to prove workers comply with minimum standards.

We will be adopting a phased approach to the purchase and relocation of staff & services. 

Update 1st March 2019

Important information regarding CPCS, now part of NOCN Group

We are pleased to confirm that NOCN Group has completed the purchase of CPCS, as already announced in the CITB letter of 13th February. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as an NOCN Group customer and to reassure you that there will be no change in the business activities and CPCS will continue as the primary Construction Plant Card for the sector. NOCN Group will continue to invest in CPCS to deliver further value to you, current operators and future operators.

With effect from 1 March 2019, CPCS will sit within the Job Cards division of NOCN Group. CPCS Customer Operations will continue to operate out of the same business address on transfer, with the same email addresses and phone numbers. This will continue until the summer, when we will give you plenty of notice when we move the operations to NOCN.

Future Management and Improvements

NOCN has undergone significant engagement with the CPCS Management Committee and have built a strong relationship with the members. We are retaining the services of the Management Committee to guide us in our management of CPCS and to provide the all important technical knowledge and vision which the scheme requires. We will be undertaking a substantial amount of engagement with employers, operatives, centres and Associations to ensure the running of CPCS in the future aligns to the needs of the sector and those within it.

We already know that there is a good deal of updating the scheme requires, both in the technical standards and model of delivery. We will be looking to conduct a programme of improvements to the technical specifications with the support of industry to reflect the changes within the industry. We will also be improving the systems and processes used to manage the scheme. During the summer we intend to offer a Smart Card and Digital logbook to operators. We will also be releasing a centre management system to replace CPCS On. This will allow centres to manage courses and tests, save recordings and evidence, apply for cards and manage their monitor notifications.

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