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Productivity Qualifications & Training

Solving the productivity puzzle

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Why is productivity important?

Productivity is a value-added process that can effectively raise living standards from a governmental, commercial and consumer perspective.

Governmental: Increasing economic growth can lead to larger tax payments for governments. Governments can invest more towards infrastructure and social services e.g. health care, education, welfare, public transportation, public funding and critical research.

Commercial: Higher efficiencies can result in increased margins and lower costs. This can allow for better compensation for employees, higher working capital and improved competitiveness.

Consumer: Productivity can potentially reduce price points and minimize the necessary working hours for the participants within an economy while retaining high levels of consumption.

How we can help

The NOCN Group and Institute of Productivity specialise in qualifications and consultation. Our qualifications:

  • help managers to gain skills to increase performance
  • help the workforce gain digital skills
  • help the workforce gain technical knowledge
  • help to improve literacy, numeracy, and soft skills, including employability

Working in partnership with Microsoft Partners

NOCN Group works with Microsoft partners for its digital productivity skills offering. This means that successful learners will receive Microsoft badges as well as an NOCN qualification.

Working in partnership with the Institute of Productivity

NOCN Group and the Institute of Productivity (IoP) are strategic partners working together to continuously and sustainably improve productivity, performance and competitiveness. NOCN Group and IoP provide management qualifications and consultation in this region to increase knowledge and professional competency at a global standard.

The IoP works at local, national and international levels to promote productivity via policy formulation, campaigns, initiatives, infrastructure development, education, training, and development. The IoP consults with organisations worldwide to build and deliver on strategies to generate long-term productivity growth, and with it continuous, sustainable, shared value.

Working in partnership with WorldSkills UK

NOCN Group also works with WorldSkills UK to share global skills insights with businesses, education bodies and governments through the UK Productivity Lab – a programme designed to mainstream international skills excellence to help boost productivity and economic competitiveness.

You can search 'productivity' in Qualifications to see full details.

Digital Productivity for Employees

Digital productivity qualifications to help learners, staff and students improve productivity.

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Productivity Skills for Managers

NOCN qualifications to create 'The Productive Manager'

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Productivity Improvement Practice

NOCN Productivity Improvement Practice Qualifications

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Management of Productivity

NOCN Management of Productivity Qualifications

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