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It is well documented that the UK suffers from a serious and long-standing productivity gap, operating at around 30% lower productivity than other G7 nations. This means that wages are lower and hours are longer.

At NOCN, we believe that addressing the UK's productivity challenge is absolutely vital, especially in the light of Brexit and general economic uncertainty, and we are the only awarding body with qualifications specifically focusing on this:

  • L3 Award in Productivity Improvement Practice - 603/2856/3
  • L4 Certificate in The Management of Productivity - 601/4694/1
  • L4 Diploma in The Management of Productivity - 601/4693/X
  • L5 Award in Productivity Improvement Practice - 603/0068/1
  • L5 Certificate in Productivity Improvement Practice - 603/0403/0
  • L5 Diploma in Productivity Improvement Practice - 603/0640/3

Search the keyword 'productivity' in Qualifications to see full details.

We work with employers from micro-businesses to large corporates on productivity improvement, offering a complete learner package.

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For further information or to enquire about NOCN productivity qualifications, get in touch with our Head of Account Management Darren Howells.

Telephone: 07920 050 997