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Digital Productivity

NOCN is working in partnership with leading Microsoft training and certification provider Prodigy Learning to deliver this unique digital Productivity qualification.

The NOCN Level 2 Digital Skills qualification provides the key skills in commonly used Office software, such as Word or Excel, to improve  business productivity. Designed to be delivered online or by blended learning, NOCN provides a full online learning resource and practice tests.

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  • NOCN accredited Level 2 qualification
  • Microsoft digital badges in Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and Powerpoint
  • Full online learning and testing resource
  • Commercial and funded routes available
  • Guided Learning Hours (GLH) specified
  • Suitable for Local Adult Education Budget (AEB)
  • Suits blended learning approach
  • Available for FE Colleges, Training Providers and employers
  • Suitable for students and employees


  • Learners benefit by receiving recognised qualifications and certification badges
  • Employers receive more productive employees with essential digital skills
  • Local economies grow an inclusive digital skilled workforce
  • Improves skill levels and can generate social mobility for the local workforce
  • Supports capital and skills investment priorities in the local economy
  • Supports learners to progress into new employment opportunities

Registration, learning and assessment process

  • Initial skills analysis
  • Course registration
  • Office software (e.g. Microsoft) online learning
  • Office software test and assessment for digital badge
  • Gateway to regulated NOCN qualification
  • Qualification online learning
  • Final examination for regulated qualification
  • Achievement and certification


This qualification can be used both in the UK and internationally, designed to be provided by a range of learning providers, including FE Colleges, independent training providers and employers.

Online delivery

This qualification has been designed to be delivered as a fully online course; this solution provides a full range of immediately available digital resources from NOCN to give learners all they need to achieve the qualification. This method is suitable for commercial delivery where local funding is available – see below.

Blended learning

The qualification and online solution is designed with colleges and training providers in mind, enabling them to create a course of blended learning for students with taught classroom delivery, wrapped around the online solution for a more personal and effective course to meet diverse needs and learning styles. This can then attract GLH funding for training providers – see below.

Local funding

In those regions of the UK where local priority has been given to digital skills through the devolved Adult Education Budget (AEB), funding may be available. Digital productivity is a national government priority and your LEP will be able to advise further.

GLH funding

Public funding for this Qualification in the UK is available for classroom and blended learning provision by colleges and training providers to meet the criteria for GLH (Guided Learning Hours), expected to be:

  • Level 2 Award in Digital Productivity Skills: 60 GLH
  • Level 2 Certificate in Digital Productivity Skills: 78 GLH

Commercial delivery

Where public funding is unavailable, the course can be delivered as a full commercial product. This will be attractive for large employers or for a college’s or training providers’ own workforce, to increase digital productivity and improve skills through a cost effective, online solution, which can be rapidly implemented.

For further details on these NOCN qualifications:

Price information

  • L2 Award: £225.00

  • L2 Certificate: £350.00

Introductory offer

Register learners by 30 April, get 10% off usual price: 

  • L2 Award: £202.50 

  • L2 Certificate: £315.00


Approved NOCN centres can add this qualification in Horizon.

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