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An international, leading Awarding Organisation, NOCN serves thousands of Centres with high quality regulated vocational and technical qualifications and apprenticeships. Qualifications range from Entry to Level 7 in a number of sectors.

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NOCN offers arguably the broadest range of qualifications and alternative routes for both experienced workers and new entrants to the jobs market. From Entry Level to Level 7 and including everything from ‘skills for life topics’, apprenticeships, management and Functional Skills English and maths, we advance careers and open doors to new opportunities.

NOCN qualifications are flexible and responsive to learner needs and credit based, consisting of individual units of assessment, each with an assigned level and credit value attached. Learners who demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes of a specified unit are awarded credits and can collect/accumulate these over time towards the achievement of a full qualification.

Accredited qualifications 

NOCN has a suite of high quality qualifications available for people at all levels:

  • Traineeships and Apprenticeships for those just starting out
  • Management Development courses for aspiring leaders
  • Awards, certificates and diplomas - available in a range of subjects

NOCN's component-based flexible qualification framework

With the withdrawal of the QCF, NOCN launched MY-VOC, its component-based flexible framework for vocational qualifications and assessments. It applies new NOCN vocational qualifications and apprenticeships. This new approach is fully compliant with Ofqual's published Regulated Qualifications Frameworks (RQF). All NOCN's existing qualifications remain in use and will be progressively updated to the MY-VOC approach, ensuring learners are not disadvantaged in any way. Find out more about MY-VOC in the below download. 


Many NOCN qualifications are available for public funding. There are various sources of funding available, from national budgets to local skills priorities, determined according to demand and the positive impact on the economy. Click the link below to download the current funding spreadsheet.

Please note, correct at time of production. For current funding status it is advised that you consult The Hub.


Restricted Qualifications

Some NOCN Qualifications are specialised and restricted for use and as such are either limited as to who can deliver them, or have additional measures in place before a centre can be approved to deliver.

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