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Restricted Qualifications

Specialised NOCN qualifications restricted or limited for use.

Some NOCN Qualifications are specialised and restricted for use and as such are either limited as to who can deliver them, or have additional measures in place before a centre can be approved to deliver. These qualifications fall into the categories listed below:

NOCN Suite of Air Traffic Control Qualifications

NATS has developed a number of accredited qualifications with NOCN for air traffic trainees both from the UK and abroad, cementing the organisation's international reputation for high quality training in such a critical area.

View case study to find out more

NOCN Suite of Security Industry Qualifications

NOCN has a range of security qualifications available. To work legally in many security roles, people need a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. NOCN is contracted to the SIA to help people get an SIA Licence using one of these qualifications, designed to meet SIA's strict licensing criteria.

View a full list of security qualifications here. 

NOCN Suite of Trade Union Qualifications

Our relationship with the TUC and Unionlearn is well established, for many years we have supported them to qualify representatives in a wide range of topics, such as being a Trade Union Representative, employment law, equalities, and health and safety. We have also run pilot courses for Union Representatives on the management of productivity.

To find out more, visit the TUC Education website.

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