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Developing a Productivity Improvement Project

Level 4
Credit Value
Guided Learning Hours

Learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria
The Learner Will The Learner Can

Be able to apply productivity improvement concepts to develop solutions for a specified productivity issue.

  • 1.1. - Identify practicable ways to improve productivity based on recognised good practice concepts.
  • 1.2. - Critically evaluate a range of productivity improvement ideas and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each idea.
  • 1.3. - Consult with the employer as part of the idea generation process.

Be able to recommend a productivity improvement idea.

  • 2.1. - Develop a practical recommendation to improve productivity based on evidenace and recorded data.
  • 2.2. - Present the recommendation to the employer and agree a final productivity improvement project.
  • 2.3. - Identify success critearia for the evaluation of the productivity improvement project.
Assessment guidance and/or requirements
In the assessment of this unit, the project that the learner draws evidence from should address problems that are well defined but complex and non-routine.

Qualifications offering this unit

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